Our Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Process:

Our strategy involves a variety of different methods that are ALL white hat techniques (means that they are tactics approved by all major search engines like Google). The level of our strategy all depends on your competition and your business goals or direction. with that said here are the 2 main areas that we focus our attention.

  • #1 On Page SEO

    The first step in an effective local SEO strategy is to optimize the current sites content, HTML, site speed, SSL certificates, etc… All of these little changes add to the bigger picture in terms of ranking factor. Allowing Google and other search engines to crawl your website and understand what your website is about and how good of a user experience you offer.

  • #2 Off Page SEO

    Off page SEO is another piece of our Local SEO strategy, this involves things like: optimizing Google My Business, Making sure social signals have been established (pertaining to social media apps like: instagram, twitter, facebook, etc.), creating citations (business listings) that have the same data across all of the various different listings, creating map locations for all different map directories, building backlinks from high domain authority (trusted domains) websites and several other areas that contribute to website ranking.

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